More About Preventative Cardiology

  • For many years I have been using coronary artery calcification scores to identify the quantity and location of coronary artery plaque. It is a five-minute non-invasive test on an ultra-fast CAT scan machine costing under $150. Whereas cholesterol and HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and particle size all play a role in predicting the level of plaque formation, this test actually quantifies accurately the degree and location of plaque. Many people with normal blood levels may have significant plaque, whereas some people with high cholesterol levels make no plaque. In addition to encouraging people to take good care of themselves, and getting people to monitor their own blood pressures, I encourage appropriate diet and fitness and avoidance of tobacco, etc., I am very aggressive about keeping arteries open and functioning, reminding men that often the first small artery to be affected results in decreased Erectile intensity. I work with top cardiologists at NYU, Mount Sinai, and elsewhere to do appropriate stress testing, nuclear stress testing, and if necessary CT angiography and MRIs of the heart.
  • Preventing heart attacks and strokes and compromised brain blood flow and erectile dysfunction is all about protecting The cardiovascular system