Cancer Prevention

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Cancer Prevention services offered in Upper East Side, New York , NY

My goal is to use all available tools to prevent cancer. Hopefully, all physicians encourage patients to take care of themselves, eat properly, exercise and avoid carcinogens, such as tobacco. The next step is to Look at family history, to perform gene sequencing or genetic testing to determine genetic susceptibility.

As a board-certified Gastroenterologist, I have been doing colonoscopies and Endoscopies in an outpatient setting for over 30 years. I encourage melanoma screening, high-quality breast imaging, perhaps thermography, low-intensity CAT scans in patients with significant smoking history, as well as all the things covered in the physical including PSA testing for prostate cancer. In addition, I may use liquid biopsies, like Grail’s Galleri blood test, a screening blood test that picks up 60 early cancers by detecting methylated DNA in the bloodstream. Or prostate cancer tests like PCA3, or prostate exosome urine tests, which help differentiate inactive from aggressive prostate cancers.

There are many newly evolving noninvasive screening tests, and I enjoy investigating cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, I pay attention to alternative medicine approaches and supplements that may be of value in reducing cancer risk.