Nutrition and supplements

  • Nutrition obviously plays a large role in health. Castle Connoly offers a complimentary SENS Solution Wellness Program™ (Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, and Stress Management).
  • Stacy Beaupre and I have long been very interested in Integrative approaches to health and we have been paying attention to well-researched specific supplement protocols for specific medical issues. We Linked with the largest online supplement superstore, EmersonEcologics, making it easy to purchase the products that we have researched and determined to be most likely beneficial. On their website, there are links to extensive research articles that attempt to explain and document the efficacy of these products.
  • We also subscribe to Todd Cooperman’s consumerlabs.com which evaluates individual brand supplements in terms of their consistency and quality from a consumer perspective. Dr. Cooperman has extensive information and background research on each of the different supplements. When appropriate, Stacy Beaupre will go over supplement protocol recommendations with patients as part of the lab callback process.